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The Vancouver Aquarium is a self-supporting, non-profit organization. Through visionary, responsible growth programs, with building additions starting in 1967, the Vancouver Aquarium has become the largest aquarium in Canada and one of the five largest in North America

The Vancouver Aquarium was formed as the Vancouver Public Aquarium Association in 1951. We were officially Canada’s first public aquarium and opened on June 15, 1956. Today, there are approximately 48 aquariums in North America, only a few of which are in Canada. Worldwide, the number of aquariums has grown to more than 200.

vancouver aquarium

┬áThe founding principles of the Vancouver Aquarium have been to attain the highest possible standard of animal care within a top-notch facility, coupled with an informative and educational guest experience. In 1975, we became the first aquarium accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). In 1987, we were also accredited by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) and were designated Canada’s Pacific National Aquarium by the Canadian Federal Government.



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    Visited the aquarium with my girlfriend and has a great time really interesting place to visit, especially like the sea otters and would highly recommend this for a fun day trip.

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