Night Market.

Live music, storytelling, and Mahjong; new vendors, more food, and some other stuff that wasn’t here last year like outdoor classic movie screenings and epic ping pong tournaments.  Imported wares, both fanciful and functional, are still standard fare, as are such legendary snacks as the Potato Tornado. But by the magic of the moon (and the odd overhead flood light)–lo and behold!–something new might strike your fancy, something made fresh in Vancouver llike delicious Hainanese chicken, homemade pie and unique, hand-crafted treasures. 

Best of all, it’s about spending those long, warm summer nights with your friends and family, shopping, eating, playing and getting nostalgic for the Chinatown of yore while creating new memories in a pretty special place.

night market


There are many designated bicycle routes in Vancouver area of which some can bring you to Chinatown area such as the bicycle routes on Pender St., Keefer St., Union St. and Quebec St.

Here is how to get there from our Bike Rental Shop:

kits beach route

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To make your trip even better, we’ve found a couple of useful bike maps to download:

Vancouver Bike Map
Translink Bike Map 

You can also plan your new route from anywhere you are:

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